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Character Information
Name:[VIP] Morddock
Profession:Phantom Druid
World:Tic-Tac World
Residence:Tic-Tac City
Balance:0 Gold Coins.
Guild Membership:Member of the Out Laws
Last login:25 March 2017, 1:19 am
Created:5 January 2017, 11:34 am
Player Health: 35505/35505
Player Mana:105995/105995
Player Level:3540
Player Experience:738320892050 EXP.
To Next Level:You need 738112242800 EXP to Level 3541.

Frags List
7 Mar 2017, 06:41 He fragged [VIP] Allcapone at level 2001. (Justified)
6 Mar 2017, 04:40 He fragged [VIP] Averitt The Eager at level 2289. (Unjustified)
3 Mar 2017, 01:31 He fragged [VIP] Cerberos at level 1696. (Unjustified)
3 Mar 2017, 01:30 He fragged [VIP] Chavozo at level 2238. (Unjustified)
3 Mar 2017, 01:18 He fragged [VIP] Diretoria Nobre at level 1941. (Justified)
3 Mar 2017, 01:06 He fragged [VIP] Projota at level 171. (Justified)
3 Mar 2017, 01:03 He fragged [VIP] Projota at level 185. (Justified)
3 Mar 2017, 01:03 He fragged [VIP] Projota at level 187. (Unjustified)
3 Mar 2017, 00:53 He fragged [VIP] La Firma at level 2335. (Unjustified)
3 Mar 2017, 00:42 He fragged [VIP] Lia Boom at level 1644. (Justified)
10 Mar 2017, 07:58 Killed at level 3551 by [VIP] Gordaao Voltz, [VIP] Palladino Viiolento, [VIP] Black Lord, [VIP] Wollverine, [VIP] Averitt The Eager and by [VIP] Lord Black..
9 Mar 2017, 21:41 Killed at level 3545 by [VIP] Breezy, [VIP] Black Lord, [VIP] Never Die, [VIP] Frinzys, [VIP] Gordaao Voltz, a frost hammer, [VIP] Zander Skymore, [VIP] Manegro, [VIP] Palladino Viiolento, [VIP] Pally Sunrise and by [VIP] Pala Dos Sonhos..
7 Mar 2017, 22:44 Killed at level 3484 by [VIP] Lucas Owna Diplomata, [VIP] Breezy, [VIP] Zander Skymore, Pala El'chavo, [VIP] Palladino Viiolento, a frost hammer and by [VIP] Pala Dos Sonhos..
4 Mar 2017, 07:31 Killed at level 3356 by [VIP] Sansation, [VIP] Tora De Mel, Fen'yx, [VIP] Vitor Rd, [VIP] Awesome Erick, [VIP] Sephiroth Blackheart and by frost hammer..
2 Mar 2017, 03:05 Killed at level 3317 by [VIP] Tora De Mel, [VIP] Sansation, Fen'yx, [VIP] Vitor Rd and by frost hammer..
1 Mar 2017, 03:52 Killed at level 3298 by [VIP] Felina, [VIP] Pailense, Gine, [VIP] Maximianozk, [VIP] Eurushodemage, [VIP] Duro De Roer, Magia De P'aladin and by [VIP] Psionic..
25 Feb 2017, 00:02 Killed at level 3177 by Fen'yx, [VIP] Tora De Mel, [VIP] Lipzink Magezord, [VIP] Vitor Rd and by [VIP] Sansation..
21 Feb 2017, 23:25 Killed at level 3106 by Fen'yx..
19 Feb 2017, 05:22 Killed at level 3015 by [VIP] Psionic, [VIP] Duro De Roer, Gine, [VIP] Pailense and by [VIP] Ferno..
17 Feb 2017, 07:59 Killed at level 2947 by [VIP] Sansation, [VIP] Chaos, [VIP] Dani Rei Delas, [VIP] Knight Vandy and by [VIP] Crystal..

Account Information
Last login:Never logged in.

1. [VIP] MorddockTic-Tac World3540 Phantom DruidOffline

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