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Character Information
Name:[VIP] Ramirezi
Profession:Real Archer
World:Tic-Tac World
Residence:Tic-Tac City
Balance:0 Gold Coins.
Guild Membership:Leader of the Baixada Fluminense
Last login:22 February 2017, 12:56 pm
Created:5 January 2017, 11:56 am
Player Health: 21295/21295
Player Mana:29570/31700
Player Level:2119
Player Experience:158153792457 EXP.
To Next Level:You need 158129103400 EXP to Level 2120.

Frags List
22 Feb 2017, 12:58 He fragged Bandido'cv at level 1607. (Unjustified)
22 Feb 2017, 12:54 He fragged [VIP] Anjinha at level 1252. (Unjustified)
21 Feb 2017, 11:26 He fragged [VIP] Awesome Erick at level 1572. (Justified)
21 Feb 2017, 11:25 He fragged [VIP] Sephiroth Blackheart at level 2314. (Justified)
21 Feb 2017, 11:24 He fragged [VIP] Theuzinho at level 1824. (Justified)
17 Feb 2017, 13:36 He fragged [VIP] Scotch at level 2547. (Unjustified)
17 Feb 2017, 13:27 He fragged [VIP] Scotch at level 2554. (Unjustified)
17 Feb 2017, 13:25 He fragged [VIP] Luluzita at level 2367. (Unjustified)
17 Feb 2017, 12:22 He fragged [VIP] Nicotina at level 2650. (Justified)
17 Feb 2017, 01:39 He fragged [VIP] Genio at level 2020. (Unjustified)
17 Feb 2017, 16:32 Killed at level 2125 by [VIP] Scotch, [VIP] Keuzika and by [VIP] Balbinot Famosao..
17 Feb 2017, 15:49 Killed at level 2127 by Emce, [VIP] Emce, [VIP] Emcek, [VIP] Balbinot Famosao, [VIP] Popek Wam Pokaze, [VIP] Popek Rozpierdala, [VIP] Marcin and by [VIP] Popek Wciaga Weza..
17 Feb 2017, 00:54 Killed at level 2093 by [VIP] Camisinha, [VIP] Queiroz Laws, [VIP] Paula Dentro, [VIP] Jacques Demolay, [VIP] Balbinot Famosao, [VIP] Vaselina and by [VIP] Leitinho..
17 Feb 2017, 00:47 Died at level 2099 by infernalist, [VIP] Vaselina, [VIP] Queiroz Laws, [VIP] Leitinho, [VIP] Paula Dentro, [VIP] Jacques Demolay, [VIP] Balbinot Famosao, [VIP] Camisinha and by [VIP] Luluzita..
16 Feb 2017, 23:30 Killed at level 2105 by [VIP] Alohaa, [VIP] Queiroz Laws, [VIP] Vaselina, [VIP] Camisinha, [VIP] Leitinho, [VIP] Jacques Demolay, [VIP] Paula Dentro, [VIP] Atawaiioa and by [VIP] Mia Khalifaa..
16 Feb 2017, 23:16 Killed at level 2112 by [VIP] Katisuke, [VIP] Queiroz Laws, [VIP] Leitinho, [VIP] Jacques Demolay, [VIP] Camisinha, [VIP] Atawaiioa, [VIP] Luluzita, [VIP] Mia Khalifaa, [VIP] Alohaa, [VIP] Sugyro Ky Fuja and by [VIP] Filho Do Kalek..
16 Feb 2017, 23:05 Killed at level 2118 by [VIP] Leitinho, [VIP] Atawaiioa, [VIP] Queiroz Laws, [VIP] Camisinha, [VIP] Jacques Demolay, [VIP] Sugyro Ky Fuja, [VIP] Alohaa, [VIP] Mia Khalifaa, [VIP] Katisuke, [VIP] Luluzita and by frost hammer..
16 Feb 2017, 22:46 Killed at level 2125 by [VIP] Katisuke, [VIP] Scotch, [VIP] Atawaiioa, [VIP] Alohaa, [VIP] Luluzita, [VIP] Sugyro Ky Fuja, [VIP] Mia Khalifaa and by massive earth giant..
16 Feb 2017, 22:30 Killed at level 2131 by [VIP] Leitinho, [VIP] Queiroz Laws, [VIP] Vaselina, [VIP] Jacques Demolay, [VIP] Camisinha, [VIP] Katisuke and by [VIP] Ramirezi..
15 Feb 2017, 23:05 Killed at level 2138 by [VIP] Strong, [VIP] El Chapo, [VIP] Paula Dentro, [VIP] Mia Khalifaa, [VIP] Atawaiioa and by [VIP] Morddock..

Account Information
Last login:Never logged in.

1. [VIP] RamireziTic-Tac World2119 Real ArcherOffline

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