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Character Information
Name:[VIP] Yummy
Profession:Phantom Druid
World:Tic-Tac World
Residence:Tic-Tac City
Balance:0 Gold Coins.
Guild Membership:Leader of the Out Laws
Last login:17 January 2017, 5:40 am
Created:4 January 2017, 10:17 pm
Player Health: 30985/26485
Player Mana:83405/78935
Player Level:2638
Player Experience:305523653644 EXP.
To Next Level:You need 305270810700 EXP to Level 2639.

Frags List
16 Jan 2017, 22:11 She fragged [VIP] Lord Off at level 2249. (Unjustified)
16 Jan 2017, 22:09 She fragged [VIP] Meu Fundo at level 2077. (Justified)
16 Jan 2017, 22:04 She fragged [VIP] Breezy at level 2040. (Unjustified)
16 Jan 2017, 22:03 She fragged [VIP] Jheey Two at level 2195. (Unjustified)
16 Jan 2017, 20:28 She fragged [VIP] Fatima Bernardes at level 1868. (Unjustified)
16 Jan 2017, 20:27 She fragged [VIP] Kurwaq at level 2468. (Justified)
16 Jan 2017, 20:24 She fragged [VIP] Maggi Miojo at level 1882. (Justified)
16 Jan 2017, 20:24 She fragged [VIP] Dantedruid at level 1756. (Justified)
16 Jan 2017, 20:24 She fragged [VIP] Bolsonaro at level 1994. (Justified)
16 Jan 2017, 20:24 She fragged [VIP] Namekuzedy at level 1809. (Justified)
17 Jan 2017, 05:15 Killed at level 2646 by [VIP] Yukii, [VIP] Flw Vlw, [VIP] Zyzz Beats, [VIP] Zizcloki and by [VIP] Vlw Flw..
16 Jan 2017, 20:29 Killed at level 2618 by [VIP] Maggi Miojo, [VIP] Nheco Vari Nheco Fum, [VIP] Sr Black Mama Xota, [VIP] Bolsonaro, [VIP] Translator, [VIP] Ramirezi, [VIP] Exiva My Baby, [VIP] Dantedruid, [VIP] Novaeszin Psico, [VIP] Nosso Miojo and by [VIP] Nissin Miojo..
16 Jan 2017, 20:19 Killed at level 2626 by [VIP] Nosso Miojo, [VIP] Novaeszin Psico, [VIP] Bolsonaro, [VIP] Nissin Miojo, [VIP] Maggi Miojo, [VIP] Dantedruid, [VIP] Translator, [VIP] Namekuzedy and by [VIP] Ramirezi..
16 Jan 2017, 15:30 Killed at level 2629 by [VIP] Meu Fundo, [VIP] Ramirezi, [VIP] Vlw Flw, [VIP] Zizcloki, [VIP] Yukii and by frost hammer..
16 Jan 2017, 06:16 Killed at level 2617 by [VIP] Meu Fundo, [VIP] Vlw Flw, [VIP] Mlk Piranha, [VIP] Yukii and by [VIP] Zizcloki..
14 Jan 2017, 11:07 Died at level 2458 by ashmunrah, [VIP] Never On, [VIP] Zizcloki, [VIP] Rogex Lovebaiak and by [VIP] Lelezinn..
13 Jan 2017, 22:22 Killed at level 2411 by [VIP] Yukii, [VIP] Bolsonaro, [VIP] Calmaee Jaum, [VIP] Flw Vlw, [VIP] Zizcloki, [VIP] Filho Do Kalek, [VIP] Sr Black Mama Xota, [VIP] Alpha, [VIP] Kurwaq and by undead darkshadow..
13 Jan 2017, 22:07 Killed at level 2418 by [VIP] Alpha, [VIP] Maggi Miojo, [VIP] Calmaee Jaum, [VIP] Translator, [VIP] Yukii, [VIP] Novaeszin Psico, [VIP] Flw Vlw and by undead darkshadow..
13 Jan 2017, 21:43 Killed at level 2424 by [VIP] Fatima Bernardes, [VIP] Yukii, [VIP] Vlw Flw, [VIP] Zizcloki, [VIP] Maggi Miojo, [VIP] Sr Black Mama Xota, [VIP] Bolsonaro, [VIP] Nosso Miojo, [VIP] Flw Vlw, [VIP] Nissin Miojo and by [VIP] Filho Do Kalek..
13 Jan 2017, 21:38 Killed at level 2431 by [VIP] Calmaee Jaum, [VIP] Alpha, [VIP] Yukii, [VIP] Bolsonaro, [VIP] Nissin Miojo, [VIP] Flw Vlw, [VIP] Sr Black Mama Xota, [VIP] Fatima Bernardes, [VIP] Templarius, [VIP] Zizcloki and by [VIP] Nosso Miojo..

Account Information
Last login:16 January 2017, 2:14 pm

1. [VIP] YummyTic-Tac World2638 Phantom DruidOnline

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