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News: Tic-Tac-War está de volta a todo vapor!
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Tic-Tac-War está de volta a todo vapor!


Exp Stages:

1 - 100 exp 1800x
101 - 300 exp 600x
301 - 400 exp 400x
401 - 500 exp 200x
501 - 600 exp 150x
601 - 700 exp 90x
701 - 800 exp 85x
801 - 900 exp 80x
901 - 1000 exp 75x
1001 - 1100 exp 70x
1101 - 1200 exp 65x
1201 - 1300 exp 60x
1301 - 1400 exp 55x
1401 - 1500 exp 50x
1501 - 1600 exp 45x
1601 - 1700 exp 40x
1701 - 1800 exp 35x
1801 - 2500 exp 30x
2501 + exp 25x

Skill: 25x
Magic: 9x
Loot: 2.5x
Spawn: 2x


Skill: 25x
Magic: 9x
Loot: 2.5x
Spawn: 2x





!go (Change outfits playres guild)

!eject (Compra house antiga)

!dodge (Info Dodge)
!critical (Info Critical)
!autoloot (AutoLoot System)
!wand (Change Attack Type)
!training now (Training Island)
/cast (Cast System
!sellpoints (Transfer Points Site/BP - BP/Site)

Sistemas, Eventos:
Castle of War 24 Horas
Castle of War 48 Horas
Desert War
Battle Field
Team Battle
The Boss Invasion
Dice Backpacks
SnowBall War
Defend The Tower
Desert War
Battle Field
Rei Boss
Capture The Flag
Fire Storm

Sorteio Addon Doll a cada 4 Horas
Cave Loot Especial
2° Melhores itens donates de attack (3000kk)
Shop Off (Facilitando as vendas)
Addon Doll 300kk
Cast System
War System Escudinhos
War Anti-Entrosa
Addon Doll 300kk
Muitas Quests



(RED) 100 Frags no Dia 
(BLACK) 200 Frags no Dia 
RedSkull 1 Dia 
BlackSkull 2 Dias


Novas Magias Lvl 400+: (All Voc)
Exevo Gran Mas Mort
Exori Mas Gran
Acesse nosso
Para mais informaçġes pesquise dentro do site, bom jogo á todos!

05.04.20 12:49:33
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